Washington Women's I Marched Mug Dual sided

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Washington Women's March Coffee Mug, Women's March on Washington, Fighting for Women's Issues, pink pussy hats and mugs. Ashley Judd, Hillary Clinton said it Best Stronger Together. 

Politically Comical item, Women Marched In Washington, DC and all around The World For Women's Rights. It's Been 50 Years Since Gloria Steinam, led the Fight. Ashley Judd, Madonna, Angela Davis and Mc Lyte spoke, as we have Never heard nor seen Women Fight for Equal Rights, Before. 

50 Years Later... #Same Fight. 

 This Mug illustrates in The New Yorker Magazine Comic Style Image. It features Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Gloria Steinam and Millions of Other Women representing across The World Marching in Solidarity holding up Signs Professing Equal Rights For All.Women marching for gender equality, LGBT rights, gender equality in the workplace, and racial equality. This is a one of a kind piece of art designed by Politically Comical.


11 oz. mug

Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe.